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KIRKPINAR< all about Turkish Oilwrestling - the bookKIRKPINAR, All about oilwrestling is the name of the book by Murat Kirbaçoglu and Mohamed el-Fers. It leads you through the ins and outs, do's and donts of the Olders Sport on Earth, held annually in the summer near Edirne, Turkey (formerly known as Adrianople).

Kirkpinar is the name of this Turkish yagli güres, with a history that links straight back to 2650 B.C.

Although not a photobook on pocketsize, it has loads of superb pictures of the Pelivan at that amazing wrestling tournament. All in black and white, most great grabs or from what is known as the 'Pirelli Calendar for the Lady' by oilpainting artist M-Rat.

But one small picture made my day: The oldest piece of evidence of oilwrestling from Assyria. Now published for the first time since 1927.

This a tiny bronze, pictured real-size, was excavated near the Chafadji-temple. To leave no doubt that the bronze concernes oilwrestlers: both athletes are sculped with huge oilvessels on their head.

In the Persian Mythical Era (according Ferdowsi's Shahnameh started in 1065 B.C.), the legendary pehlivan-wrestler of this era is called Rostam. A real hero, constantly saving his country by dominating evil forces.

The ceremonial start of oilwrestling, called by its Persian name "Peshrev" has clear links with old Iranian istitutes as the zurkhane, literally "house of strength". Here the origin of the peshrev has to be found, by some considered to be a warming up and greet-the-audience ceremony, to others a participatory form of dance. Certain different from the usual step-right, step-left, step-right, kick-left, step-left, kick-right dance found all over the area.

During the period Islam was brought into Asia Minor, spirituality and philosophy became part of the physical garment of the pehlivan. Oilwrestling was established as a sport on it´s own. In Iran and the Ottoman Empire alike wrestling became the national sport. In Iran wrestling grew to the customary institution of the zurkhane strong house, where people go to socialise and engage in athletic exercise. The wrestler is the strong-man in popular culture (in Persian the term is "big neck"), but he is also the pahlavan, the knightly hero who is a free-living spirit and is generous and loyal.

The year 1360 is adapted by the organizers of the Edirne Kirkpinar as date Ottoman soldiers started to organize annual oilwrestling tournaments in Kirkpinar, a wrestlingfield "within Samona village". According to the Guinness Book of World Records this legend made the Kirkpinar world's oldest continuously sanctioned sporting competition.

The last bout between the two finalists lasted all night as neither was able to defeat the other. They were found dead the next morning, their bodies still intertwined. They were buried underneath a nearby fig tree, whereupon their comrades headed to conquere Edirne.

After the conquest, the soldiers came upon another fig tree, surrounded by a crystal-clear spring, so they renamed the surrounding meadow (which until then had been known as Ahirköy) Kirkpinar, which translates from Turkish as "forty springs" or "forty sources."

To commemorate the heroism of the conquering warriors, a wrestling tournament was re-enacted annually at this site, and the oldest still-contested sanctioned sporting competition in the world began.

Whatever tales, myths and stories. There has always been a common respect for the oilwrestlers. The pehlivan's being stronger than anybody, having a well built body, clothed in heavy leather pants.

Up till today the wrestlers pour olive oil onto their bodies. And still you see a younger wrestler defeating an older wrestler kiss the older wrestler's hand.

Oilwrestling hits Europe in Amsterdam

During the 636th annual Kirkpinar of Edirne, Agha (mc) Hüseyin Sahin agreed with Veyis Güngör (chairman of Türkevi Amsterdam) and Mohamed el-Fers (MokumTV Amsterdam) that they would unite their fordes to promote historical oilwrestling in Europe and the world. Three days El-Fers filmed almost every match. On the September 4th 1996 MokumTV started a weekly program on the A1 Amsterdam channel. It proved to be the start of fast growing respect in Europe for this unique and highly esthetic ´mother of all sports´.

The late Hüseyin Sahin said during his speech, attended by Turkish president Süleyman Demirel, Edirne-mayor Hamdi Sedefçi, Veyis Güngör and Mohamed el-Fers that the KIRKPINAR will exceeds the borders of Turkey and unite the world.

The champion wrestlers who attended that 636th Edirne Kirkpinar applauded the news of an Amsterdam Kirkpinar. In his speech at the award ceremony President Süleyman Demirel said that Turkey would continue to raise world-famous wrestlers. Mr. Veyis Güngör told the press that day that the enthusiast reactions in Europe proved that this traditional Turkish sport is not only everlasting, but thanks to television and video, is gaining popularity under non-Turkish people as well. The organizers of the coming Amsterdam Kirkpinar received the days after the news was released about 950 letters of oilwrestlers throughout Turkey who would enter competition for the title of euro-champion of the Amsterdam Kirkpinar.

The Mother of All Sports came in 1997 for the first ever to western Europe when the European Championleague were held in Amsterdam. No less than 22 television teams covered the event, and scenes from the Amsterdam Kirkpinar were shown at CNN and the BBC alike. The 2nd European Oil Wrestling Championship held in Amsterdam had already a final with 42 wrestlers from Turkey, the Netherlands and other European countries. Winner was Cengiz Elbeye, Edirne Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Champion. Addressing the ceremony held upon the start of the matches, Erkut Onart, the Turkish Consul General in the Netherlands, said that he believed the friendship between the Turkish society and the European countries is intensified when these kinds of cultural values are brought to Europe. In the world of oilwrestling Amsterdam became the most important annual after Edirne.

KIRKPINAR< all about Turkish Oilwrestling - the book

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 Edirne Winners
- Kel Aliço (26 Sene)
- Koca Yusuf
- Adali Halil Pehlivan
- Geçkinli Yusuf Pehlivan
- Hergeleci Ibrahim
- Çömlek Köyü Kara Murat
- Silivrili Molla Izzet
- Çatalcali Nakkas Eyüp
- Yenici Mehmet
- Kizilcikli Mahmut
- 1924- Benli Aptullah (Arnavut)
- 1925-Geçkinli Yusuf Pehlivan
- 1926- Kara Emin (Edirne)
- 1927- Ali Rifat (Manisa)
- 1928-Kandirali Kayakçi Ahmet
- 1929-Gastinarli Mülayim Pehlivan
- 1930- Kara Ali (Bandirma)
- 1931- Kara Ali
- 1932- Kara Ali
- 1933- Kara Ali
- 1934-Mülayim Pehlivan ile Tekirdagli Hüseyin berabere
- 1935- Hüseyin Alkaya (Tekirdag)
- 1936- Hüseyin Alkaya
- 1937- Hüseyin Alkaya
- 1938- Hüseyin Alkaya
- 1939- Hüseyin Alkaya
- 1940- Hüseyin Alkaya
- 1941- Hüseyin Alkaya
- 1942-Kurtdereli kemerini aldi
- 1943- Ibrahim Edi (Babaeski)
- 1944-Hayrabolulu Süleyman
- 1945- Ibrahim Esdi (Babaeski)
- 1946- Serif Pehlivan (Sindirgi)
- 1947-Düzceli Çolak Ismail Atay ile Hayrabolulu Süleyman Berabere
- 1948-Kuleli Mustafa Pehlivan
- 1949-Sindirgili Serif Pehlivan
- 1950-Hayrabolulu Süleyman
- 1951- Irfan Atan (Izmit)
- 1952-Balikesirli Tarzan Mehmet
- 1953- Irfan Atan (Izmit)
- 1954- Ibrahim Karabacak (Samsun)
- 1955- Irfan Atan (Izmit)
- 1956- Ibrahim Karabacak (Samsun)
- 1957- Hasan Acar (Bandirma)
- 1958- Adil Atan (Izmit)
- 1959- Ibrahim Karabacak (Samsun)
- 1960- Ibrahim Karabacak
- 1961- Mehmet Ali Yagci (Sindirgi)
- 1962-Izmirli Kara Ali ile Mehmet Ali Yagci berabere
- 1963- Sezai Kanmaz (Adapazar)
- 1964- Mehmet Ali Yagci (Sindirgi)
- 1965- Kara Ali (Izmir)
- 1966- Mustafa Bük (Ordu)
- 1967- Mustafa Bük
- 1968- Mustafa Bük
- 1969- Nazmi Uzun (Babaeski)
- 1970-(Yenisemediler) Kara Ali Çelik (Izmir) Aydin Demir (Karamürsel)
- 1971-Hasan Sahin
- 1972-Arap Mustafa Yildiz
- 1973-Davut Yilmaz (Ordu)
- 1974-Kara Ali Çelik
- 1975-Yarida kaldi
- 1976-Aydin Demir (Karamürsel)
- 1977- Aydin Demir
- 1978- Aydin Demir
- 1979-Sabri Acar
- 1980-Mehmet Güçlü
- 1981-Arap Mustafa Yildiz
- 1982-Hüseyin Çokal
- 1983-Hüseyin Çokal
- 1984-Hüseyin Çokal
- 1985-Sabri Acar
- 1986-Ibrahim Gümüs
- 1987-Recep Kiliç
- 1988-Recep Gürbüz
- 1989-Saffet Kayali
- 1990- Ahmet Tasçi (Karamürsel)
- 1991- Ahmet Tasçi
- 1994- Ahmet Tasçi
- 1995- Ahmet Tasçi
- 1996- Ahmet Tasçi
- 1997- Ahmet Tasçi
- 1998 - Cengiz Elbeye (Antalya)
- 1999 - Ahmet Tasçi (Karamürsel)
- 2000 - Ahmet Tasçi
- 2001-Vedat Ergin
- 2002-
- 2003- Kenan Simsek (Ankara)
- 2004-Recep Kara
- 2005-Saban Yilmaz (Samsun)
- 2006-
- 2007- Osman Aynur (Antalya)

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